PC World Offers Up Printer Ink Maintenance Tips

2009-07-23 07:37:38

Published on 2009-07-23 07:37:38

Low ink or toner is usually more of a problem with inkjet printers than it is with laser devices, PC World has suggested.

Highlighting the basics of printer troubleshooting, the technology website also warned that printers using multiple ink cartridges will often refuse to print as soon as the first has run out.

For instance, it explained that people could be left unable to print a black-and-white text-only document if their yellow ink has run out, regardless of how much black ink is in the device.

Furthermore, the website noted: "A message that says you're low on ink may be incorrect.

Especially if you haven't used the printer for a while, the problem may be that the print head's nozzles are clogged."

To check for such an error, most users will be able to use software bundled with their printer or operating system to instigate an automated maintenance programme which will clear the nozzles.

Meanwhile, technology expert Christopher Null explained in an interesting blog on yahoo.com recently that people can save ink when printing by choosing a more efficient font.

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