Choice Of Fonts Can Influence Lifespan Of Toner Cartridges

2009-07-25 05:00:14

Published on 2009-07-25 05:00:14

When it comes to high-volume printing in the workplace, something as trivial as the choice of fonts used for documents can have a noticeable effect on the lifespan of ink and toner cartridges.

That is according to Techie Diva blogger Gina Hughes, whose article on Yahoo's tech section suggested that money can be saved by choosing the right font.

Citing research which suggested that small businesses could save as much as $80 (£50) a year by changing the font in which they print documents, she highlighted the appropriately named Ecofont as one of the most ink efficient.

However it is not the most - in fact Century Gothic was found to require the least ink to print a page of A4. On average, it covered just 3.45 per cent of the paper in ink compared to 4.97 per cent for Arial and over 5.5 per cent for Franklin Gothic Medium.

"The numbers may look small, but don't be tricked into thinking they don't matter," Ms Hughes said.

"Those costs add up when you realize you may be pumping out 60 per cent more toner on every page you print than you really need to."

Meanwhile, Canon has launched its new MX310 device, which is capable of printing 17 colour pages or 22 black and white ones a minute.

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