Canon IPF6100 Praised For 12 Colour Pigment Ink System

2009-07-29 10:12:06

Published on 2009-07-29 10:12:06

Canon's large-format iPF6100 printer has been praised for its 12-colour pigment ink system and built-in calibration.

According to artist Kirk Kennedy, the printer allows him to produce high-quality landscapes, graphics and posters.

In an interview on the website, he added that the device allows for prints to be produced that measure 24 ins by 18 ins.

The 12-colour pigment ink system, meanwhile, allows for the reproduction of photographic prints with "vibrant colours, subtle mid-tones, smooth gradations and fine details", the website notes.

It quoted Mr Kennedy as saying: "Because it’s a 12 ink printer, I can put any media into it and I have no downtime switching out inks.

"I print on a wide variety of media, so to be able to quickly switch from canvas to luster paper, to scrim banner vinyl is terrific."

Previously, website PC World suggested that people can cut down on the amount of printer ink they use by ensuring that the nozzles remain clean.

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