Ink Sublimation Process Makes Canon Selphy CP780 Expensive To Use

2009-07-29 11:09:32

Published on 2009-07-29 11:09:32

The Canon Selphy CP780 can be quite expensive to use thanks to the prices attached to its printer ink and paper supplies.

That is according to PC World, which claimed in a new review that the device is reasonably priced itself, but comes with a range of problems - notably print speed.

Overall, it recommended the device for light home users who will benefit from its sleek and simple design without ending up massively out of pocket because of the expensive ink.

Able to function with or without a PC, the compact printer is available in blue, pink or silver finishes and boasts a 2.5ins colour LCD screen.

"Blame the CP780's drawbacks - it slowness, its wastefulness- on its dye-sublimation printing technology," the website noted.

PC World explained that images are created by transferring layers of cyan, magenta and yellow dye from a roll of film onto paper.

"Once a photo is printed, that section of film cannot be reused, regardless of how much dye is left, resulting in a lot of waste," it added.

Lexmark recently suggested that most people are unaware of the environmental impact of using ink.

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