Colour Management Software Helps Match Printer Ink To Screen

2009-07-30 11:09:01

Published on 2009-07-30 11:09:01

Using colour management software can help professional printers to ensure that the hues and pigments shown on a PC monitor more closely match those produced by their printer ink.

According to, monitor colours are made through an additive process by mixing together the three primary colours- red, green and blue - to create different light emissions.

However, printer ink is a subtractive process, whereby pigments in the ink remove certain wavelengths of light before it can be reflected to the eye.

Because of this difference, the website claimed: "Even if your printer has green ink, it is not likely to ever create the same shade of green that is emitted from your monitor for a variety of reasons, including the whiteness or colour of the paper it is printed on."

However, colour management software can help to ensure that the shades and hues on the screen match those created by the printer ink - it can be calibrated to take into account specific printers, ink cartridges and papers.

Earlier this month, Computer Reseller News suggested that Xerox's new 6280N and 6280DN ink cartridge printers are a cost-efficient printing solution for small businesses.

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