HP C4780 Requires Regular Replacement Of Ink Cartridges

2009-07-30 11:55:17

Published on 2009-07-30 11:55:17

The small capacity of HP's standard printer cartridges means that people using the new C4780 device will need to regularly replace them.

That is according to a review of the printer by computershopper.com, which pointed out that the cartridges are rated, on average, for just 200 pages black-and-white and 150 pages for colour prints.

"Worse yet, from an economic point of view, is that the three primary colors are combined into a single cartridge," it said.

"This means that if, say, the magenta happens to run dry, you must replace the entire color cartridge."

However, the website noted that users can make use of HP's more economical XL cartridges, which last longer and are also cheaper.

The review suggested that the C4780 all-in-one will appeal primarily to people who have modest needs and budgets, but warned that its high cost-per-page could cause heavier printer users to look elsewhere.

Last week, HP announced that it will be printing customisable covers for a special photography edition of National Geographic magazine, made up of user submitted images.

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