Xerox 7500DN Laser Printer Comes With Idiot Proof Toner Cartridges Review States

2009-07-30 10:40:06

Published on 2009-07-30 10:40:06

The Xerox Phaser 7500DN colour laser printer is easy to set up and maintain thanks in part to its "idiot-proof" toner cartridges, a reviewer has claimed.

Writing for the PC World website, Susan Silvius said that the colours are clearly visible on the cartridges, each of which fit into a slot in the corresponding colour.

The review also revealed that while expensive, the printer is capable of producing work up to banner size and operates at a relatively fast rate.

It was capable of printing plain-text black-and-white pages at a rate of 28.1 per minute, while colour pages took 5.1 pages per minute.

"The Phaser 7500DN's huge toner cartridges are incredibly cheap per page," Ms Silvius added.

"It's a fast, heavy-duty, wide-format printer that could print everything from a memo to a poster or a banner without blinking."

Earlier this week, Xerox announced that its new WorkCentre 5230 multifunction printer can help small and medium-sized businesses to improve their productivity.

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