Printing In Draft Mode Can Save Businesses Ink

2009-07-31 10:14:51

Published on 2009-07-31 10:14:51

Businesses looking to cut costs should consider reducing their printer ink consumption, one company has claimed.

According to EcoPrint Solutions, using more efficient printing techniques can help businesses to save up to 30 per cent on ink and toner cartridges.

The company noted that many firms save money by using recycled and refilled ink cartridges, but recommended that further steps are taken as well.

EcoPrint claimed that 70 per cent of documents printed are destined for internal use only and suggested that businesses turn the quality settings down to draft on these prints to save money.

The company's Matt Lander said: "Our innovative piece of software automatically reduces the amount of printer and toner ink used by offering users a simple 'internal' or 'external' option - so avoiding the over-complicated print menu."

He added that companies spend approximately two per cent of their turnover on managing printing and printer devices.

Earlier this week, a study by Canon indicated that only 35 per cent of office staff print important emails and store them in a place that can be accessed by their colleagues.

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