Designer Praised For Innovative Ink Cartridge Use

2009-08-05 10:58:21

Published on 2009-08-05 10:58:21

An inventor and designer in the US is winning critical praise for his new range of products made from used printer ink cartridges.

While millions of old-style cartridges still need to be recycled properly, US-based Etsy has recently launched its range of light fittings made entirely out of used cartridges and associated parts.

As well as small and inexpensive lamps, the design house has also released a chandelier, with the empty colour ink cartridges used as filters for the light.

Welcoming the innovative range, one website commented: "Of course, ink cartridges are already pretty eco-friendly as many companies sell fully guaranteed reused ink cartridges but this is yet another inventive and creative attempt by a designer to make a household good out of recycled material and to that we at 'Lets Talk More' doff our caps."

HP recently launched its own Technology Refresher Option (RTO), which provides help to businesses looking to replace old equipment, including printers and ink cartridges, with new alternatives in an eco-friendly manner.

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