Ink Cartridge Customers Can Go Green By Using HPs Carbon Footprint Calculator

2009-08-10 08:05:13

Published on 2009-08-10 08:05:13

As well as recycling their ink cartridges and PC equipment, people can reduce their impact on the environment by making use of HP's Carbon Footprint Calculator.

According to, the calculator can be used to assess the environmental cost and carbon output of printing documents.

"The newly improved, customer-friendly calculator combines the capabilities of the existing Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing and the HP LaserJet Power Calculator into one, robust tool," the website noted.

Offices can also use the feature to compare efficiency between printers and work out where they can cut costs.

The calculations are based on 20 years of data collected by HP.

In other green printing news, Scarborough Council told the Scarborough Evening News recently that it has managed to significantly cut costs by improving its printer ink efficiency.

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