Canon Pixma MP190 Cheap To Run For Infrequent Users

2009-08-11 07:37:45

Published on 2009-08-11 07:37:45

The Canon Pixma MP190 is a cheap and cheerful printer, but people expecting to use the device regularly should take note that it does not feature separate ink cartridges.

According to PC Pro, the device is much more stripped down than most comparable all-in-ones and instead focuses on speed and value for money.

While low-level users will likely not worry about the lack of extra features, heavy users could find that the cost of ink replacement makes the printer much more expensive in the long run.

Despite this potential hidden cost, PC Pro noted that the MP190 offers good-quality prints and speed of 7.4 pages per minute in black-and-white, making it rapid for a home inkjet.

"With only two cartridges it lacks the flexibility of dearer printers and the cost per A4 page is a fairly high 10.7p," the website noted.

"But with a purchase price this low, that won't matter one jot to the kind of budget user who just wants a good-quality printer for occasional use."

Recently, US-based printer expert Melisa Riofrio suggested in the Washington Post that inefficient printer devices can prove costly for businesses in the long term because of the need for regular ink cartridge replacement.

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