Kodak Expects To Increase Ink Cartridge Shipments

2009-08-11 07:32:08

Published on 2009-08-11 07:32:08

Kodak could see a significant increase in sales of toner and inkjet cartridges if it meets its goal of shipping one million all-in-one printers around the world this year.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, the print and imaging specialist intends to double the number of its desktop printers in circulation during the next 12 months.

The website reported that an increase in Kodak printer demand would allow the company to sell more of its ink cartridges, each of which are filled with ink made in the company's US base in Rochester.

"Kodak's inkjet businesses are the future of the corporation," William Napoli, director of imaging chemicals operations at the company, was quoted as saying.

"This is a priority for the organisation."

Meanwhile, rival printer manufacturer HP has this month unveiled its new online service for BlackBerries and other web-connected mobile devices.

The CloudPrint application allows users to print remotely to devices on public, private and corporate networks.

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