Lexmark C736DN Praised As Out Of The Box Solution

2009-08-24 07:40:32

Published on 2009-08-24 07:40:32

Lexmark's C736dn offers fast colour laser printing for a moderate price, according to a new review.

IT Pro recommends the device, which aims to provide medium-to-large workgroups with a rapid, cost-effective colour toner cartridge printing solution.

It praised the C736dn's readiness out of the box, adding that the device is surprisingly compact because its laser engine is built vertically with drum and toner for each colour built on top of one another.

As well as a backlit LCD display capable of showing text and bitmap images, the Lexmark printer can also PIN-protect jobs and produce PDFs or graphic documents directly via USB connection.

"Setting up the printer is a bit fiddlier than with some of its competitors, as each of the toner cartridges has to be removed to take off spacers and the same is true for each of the photoconductor drums," the IT Pro review stated.

"There's also protective paper to remove. This is only a one-off problem, though toner and drums do have to be dealt with separately."

Meanwhile, Kodak has reported that it saw growth in sales of ink cartridges during the second quarter of 2009.

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