Printer Ink Can Be Saved Through Software

2009-08-27 08:29:43

Published on 2009-08-27 08:29:43

A printer technology firm has developed new software which it claims can save costs of printer ink and ink cartridges in the long term.

Inkgard Software has been launched by iProlog Corporation and is believed to offer printer owners some 300 per cent more pages of print compared to standard printers.

The company added that the system, which retails at just $9.99 (£6.10), can pay for itself almost eight times in one year.

James M Danforth, president of iProlog, said: "We are pleased to offer this ecologically and financially friendly solution at a time when consumers and businesses are feeling the impact of the current economic climate."

"Printing costs are significant expenses for businesses and for users at home. Inkgard is the first release of a family of highly innovative solutions being introduced by iProlog to address the need for systematic planning, management and control of costs associated with printing," he added.

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