Printer Ink Users Like Long Warranties

2009-08-27 09:13:40

Published on 2009-08-27 09:13:40

More than eight in ten people (83 per cent) using printer ink say that they prefer it if their devices come with longer-term warranties.

That is according to a new poll by ink cartridge manufacturer Lexmark, which found that long guarantees boosted confidence in products.

The survey also discovered that more than three-quarters of consumers do not expect their printers and other technological devices to last more than five years.

Tonya Jackson, director of sustainable technology and operations at Lexmark, said: "A longer warranty motivates people to repair defective devices rather than throw them out - a clear benefit to the environment and a key reason why Lexmark took an industry-leading position."

She added: "[We are] offering a five-year warranty on most of our Professional Series inkjet AIOs, including our new Professional Series inkjet line to be released in the coming weeks."

More than 20,000 people across the world were questioned as part of the study.

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