SprayFix Print Protection Fixative

2009-09-01 10:54:58

Published on 2009-09-01 10:54:58

What it is

Sprayfix is a new protective spray designed to make your surface far more resistant to water, make your colours brighter and resistant to fading and to protect your prints and discs from scratches with a super tough coating.

What does it do?

Pressit Sprayfix uses a specially formulated solution that protects from moisture, scratching and UV rays that can fade inkjet printed photos. It also complements any printed design by adding a smooth professional looking lacquered finish.

How do I use it?

Just use it like a normal spray coating, in a well ventilated area, and with smooth strokes over the printed surface. It's easy. However, we do not recommend it's use by children or minors, due to the solvents in the product. Please also note that the SprayFix solvents are flammable, and the can should be stored appropriately.

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