Linx Launches New Inkjet Printer

2009-09-03 07:25:10

Published on 2009-09-03 07:25:10

Linx Printing Technologies has launched a new product which the firm claims will save money on coding costs.

The Linx 3700 includes an automatic printer ink head cleaner, code changes which are error-free and ink refills which are thought to be mistake-proof.

Other cost-saving features include a minimal level of production downtime, low running costs and reduced servicing charges.

"Running costs are critical to the purchasing decision for many companies, not just initial outlay but the accumulated cost of ownership in terms of ongoing operation and maintenance," said Charles Randon, senior product manager at Linx.

He added: "The Linx 7300 is specifically designed to address these concerns by keeping such costs to a minimum. The printer's range of innovative features is designed to avoid 'hidden' costs that can quickly build up."

Printer ink users will be interested to learn that cleaning times for the new product are further reduced by the product's FullFlush system, which supports "thorough" cleaning and drying of the device.

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