Printer Cartridge Money Saving Tips Offered

2009-09-03 07:16:52

Published on 2009-09-03 07:16:52

An expert has provided a list of suggestions on how printer users can save money on ink cartridges.

Writing on, Printer Geek said that "times are hard" and printer owners are looking to save on ink costs as and when they can.

Home and office printers are both a good place to start on cost reductions, the blogger wrote.

"There are some nice products that you can take advantage of in order to reduce those costs. One product most people are familiar with are printer cartridge refill kits," the expert said.

He added: "Let's face it if you print a lot of items then the money you spend on printer cartridges can add up very quickly."

Printer Geek concluded that laser printers use different designs and therefore cannot be used for ink refills.

However, "remanufactured toner cartridges can be purchased for much less than OEM toner cartridges," the blogger explained.

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