Inkjet Printers More Eco Friendly Than Laser Printers

2009-09-04 08:27:18

Published on 2009-09-04 08:27:18

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, inkjet printers are still someway ahead of laser-printing devices, one expert has noted.

While most consumers still make a printer-buying decision based largely on up-front costs, growing numbers of students and businesses are now taking into account the green footprints of such devices.

However, according to green technology expert Adria Vasil, a majority of buyers still lack an awareness of what to look for when it comes to green printing, with the number of contradictory reports from competing manufacturers not helping matters.

Writing in her 'Ecoholic' column for, she concluded that, for bottom-end users, inkjet printers tend to be the best bet for those keen to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.

She noted: "Inkjet printers use up to 90 per cent less power than laser printers while printing, but things are pretty much even in standby mode."

However, consumers are also advised to look into factors such as the ease of ink cartridge recycling, while home users are urged to be proactive and turn off their printers rather than leave them on stand-by.

This comes soon after John C Arkin advised through a blog entry on that recycled printer ink cartridges are both cheaper and more environmentally-friendly.

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