Printer Ink Saving Software Now Available In The US

2009-09-10 11:44:15

Published on 2009-09-10 11:44:15

Organisations and households can reduce their use of printer ink and toner cartridges by using new software which restricts printer use.

Developer Antamedia has launched Print Manager, a restriction program which can prevent a printer being used after a certain time or stop a machine producing more than a set number of copies.

The company explained that the software can be helpful for organisations looking to reduce the amount of money they spend and energy used on ink and cartridges.

Vladan Antanasijevic, founder of Antamedia, said: "We know from supplying schools that children can be very wasteful of paper and ink but usually our clients are small to mid-range companies.

"Now we are getting calls from managers who install it at home. They want the same control of printing that they have at work."

Restrictions include only allowing a specific number of copies to be reproduced at a certain time and preventing colour ink from being used.

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