HP Working On Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Printers

2009-09-11 14:23:34

Published on 2009-09-11 14:23:34

Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced that it is to work on new technology aimed at developing printers capable of producing documents that can be subjected to magnetic ink character recognition processes.

Coming soon after the company's chief executive Mark Hurd stated that business is now stabilising as both consumers and businesses return to the printer and printer ink cartridge markets, it has been reported that HP is to work alongside the RR Donnelley in developing the new technology.

It is believed that the partnership with the Chicago-based firm will help the computing giant develop high-speed inkjet printing solutions for businesses, with a particular focus on producing magnetic ink character recognition-capable machines, according to CNN.

News of the new partnership comes soon after HP unveiled its new range of Photosmart printers, with these latest devices boasting improved wireless support and compatibility with Apple's iPhone and iPod products.

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