New Epson Printer Benefits From All-In-One Ink Cartridge System

2009-09-11 14:19:53

Published on 2009-09-11 14:19:53

The ability to use just one set of printer ink cartridges for both documents and photos is one of the advantages of the new Epson Stylus NX515 Wi-Fi printer, one reviewer has noted.

The manufacturer's new printer is one of a number of recently-launched products boasting built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet as well as touchscreen technology, with all of these features aimed at boosting usability levels.

And while the review noted a number of drawbacks to the Epson device, including a thin output paper tray and a lack of automatic duplex printing, the merging of printer ink usage is seen as a welcome development for those users keen to take a hands-off approach to technology.

The reviewer stated: "Not only did it print out high-quality photos and documents, but the ink was immediately dry to the touch after printing.

"We even ran our printed documents under water to test Epson's water-resistant claim, and sure enough, no smudges."

This comes just days after the senior product manager of Epson UK, Martin Johns, advised that the company's new Stylus Pro 3880 printer is ideal for both amateur and professional digital photographers.

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