Printer Ink Reservoir Warnings Often Simply Overcautious Expert Says

2009-09-11 14:43:21

Published on 2009-09-11 14:43:21

While both businesses and home users may need to regularly change printer ink cartridges, when it comes to waste ink reservoirs, it sometimes pays to ignore computer-generated warnings.

That is the advice handed out by one technology expert in response to a question concerning the replacement of waste ink reservoirs, with new ones often costing almost as much as a new printer.

According to IT guru Rick Maybury, printer manufacturers are often guilty of being "overcautious" when recording how much surplus ink has been soaked up from cleaning cycles.

Writing in the Telegraph, he advised: "The printer simply guesses that it has become saturated and needs replacing, usually just by counting the number of printing and cleaning operations.

"The chances are it's nowhere near full up and you can safely continue using the printer, so try this simple reset procedure."

Just last month, the website revealed how printer ink cartridges can be recycled as lamps so as to cut down on wastage.

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