Printer Ink And Paper Quality Key To Good Home Printing

2009-09-16 09:34:22

Published on 2009-09-16 09:34:22

The increasing affordability of home printing means that consumers are now able to print off their holiday photos at home rather than pay over-the-odds on the high street.

However, in order to ensure high-quality pictures, returning holidaymakers have been advised to ensure that they don't scrimp on the quality of paper or printer ink cartridges they use.

According to Amateur Photographer editor Damien Demolder, the least stressful way of processing holiday snaps at home is to stick with manufacturers' matched printer ink and paper, even though it may be cheaper to look for alternative brands.

In addition, home users were advised in the expert's Daily Mail column to consider what type of prints they want before starting the job.

If they are looking for long-lasting memories, they should steer clear of dye-based printer ink, which tends to fade faster than pigment ink, though the latter will need extra treatment in order to achieve a glossy finish, Mr Demolder added.

This comes soon after PC World advised consumers to consider the 'true cost' of home printing by taking into account the price of printer ink cartridges and the longevity.

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