Xerox To Launch New Printing Press

2009-09-22 08:41:51

Published on 2009-09-22 08:41:51

Xerox, a manufacturer of printers and ink cartridges, has developed a digital colour press as part of its industrial portfolio.

According to the company, its Xerox iGen4 220 Perfecting Press is capable of producing 220 impressions every minute and a maximum of seven million each month.

The printer uses two Xerox iGen4 110 Presses, which run side-by-side to offer a more eco-friendly service as well as increasing the amount of copies produced.

Eric Armour, president of Global Business Group, Xerox Corporation, said: "Our customers told us turnaround time, productivity and labour costs are their major challenges.

"We listened and built this press to convert those challenges into opportunities."

Further features included in the device are FreeFlow Print Server technology, which is integrated with FreeFlow Output Manager.

Existing customers who have a iGen4 110 press are able to upgrade their device to iGen4 220 Perfecting Press.

Previously, Xerox announced that the WorkCentre 7428 and WorkCentre 7435 devices were awarded with outstanding achievement prizes for energy efficiency by the Buyers Laboratory organisation.

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