Epson Stylus Office TX510FN Offers Consumable Pricing

2009-09-25 09:36:07

Published on 2009-09-25 09:36:07

"Consumable pricing" and "mono document print quality" are two features of the Epson Stylus Office TX510F singled out for praise in a new review.

Writing for PC World Online, James Hutchinson, said that the printer uses five ink cartridges - two with black ink and three with colour.

According to Epson, the device is capable of producing 795 pages from the former and 885 pages with the latter.

Mr Hutchinson said on the PC World blog that, based on current prices, these statistics make the TX510FN "one of the cheapest printers to run in this price range".

"Apart from a few design choices that may prove to be inconvenient to your work flow, the Epson Stylus Office TX510FN inkjet multifunction works well as a networked document printer."

However, the device was criticised for being "significantly slower" than other similar devices when printing at colour and at speed.

Epson recently launched the 24 Stylus Pro WT7900 printer for packaging proofing.

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