Plenty To Like About Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Reviewer Claims

2009-09-25 10:13:40

Published on 2009-09-25 10:13:40

Reviewers of the Lexmark Platinum Pro905 have claimed that there is "plenty to like" about the new machine.

Writing for Computer Shopper, Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta suggest that the LCD display is a "quantum leap" above any other model on the market while it is also set up to interact with the SmartSolutions Web site.

According to the review, the device benefits from being able to produce 10,000 copies a month, a low monochrome text cost per page and one of the longest warranty of any other available device.

The pair said: "The printer's heart and soul, however, is its angled, oversize LCD touch-screen panel in front, which resides above the paper-output slot and twin paper trays.

"It resembles an iPhone more than a printer panel, with bright, beautiful, high-resolution-color graphics, some of which animate when touched."

According to the reviewers, the main downside to the device is the poor design of the paper output tray, which means someone has to attend to the printer at all times while it is making copies.

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