High End HP Printer Connects Directly To The Computer

2009-09-29 11:34:04

Published on 2009-09-29 11:34:04

The applications which feature as part of a new high-end HP printer are significant for the future of home printing, a reviewer has claimed.

Bruce V Bigelow, writing for Xconomy, said that the performance and features of HP's web-connected home printer are not overly impressive just yet.

In its current form, the device is not overly innovative, the reviewer explained.

However, Mr Bigelow said: "Its significance lies in its potential as a technology platform that could spur independent programmers to do for printers what they have done for the Apple iPhone - which is create tens of thousands of applications that provide new and creative ways of doing things with a device."

The applications allows users to use the inkjet printer to make copies directly from certain Google maps, CNET.com, movie tickets from Fandango as well as discount vouchers from discount.com.

In every case, the formatting of the print out is undertaken by the applications which ensure details fit inside the page.

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