Sony Set To Unveil All In One Photo Frame And Printer

2009-10-01 13:02:03

Published on 2009-10-01 13:02:03

Home users will soon be given the chance to share their favourite photos in an instant thanks to a new all-in-one device due to be launched by Sony.

Making use of ongoing developments in digital printer ink technology, the DPP-F700 digital photo frame boasts a built-in printer in addition to a seven-inch screen.

The tiny device also comes with a memory of one gigabyte, making it ideal for users keen to keep changing their photos, while the pictures themselves can be displayed in 21 different templates.

In addition, the printer is compatible with a number of printer ink cartridges, including the F120P and the F120L, with users also able to print out ID photos or integrate pictures into formal documents.

Writing on the blog, Christopher MacManus said: "It would be cool to have this in your house somewhere common so friends could print out their favourite pictures while visiting.

"I can see some people saying that this device is too fancy, unnecessary when you can just go to the drug store and so forth to get pictures, but this is a smart device. It's also an electronics company consolidating resources into a single product that can satisfy more consumers."

The DFP-F700 all-in-one digital picture frame and printer is set to be given a global launch in November, the site also revealed.

Meanwhile, the Korea Herald has reported that Samsung is looking into merging its camera and printer technologies.

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