Ink Cartridges Sought In Horse Charity Initiative

2009-10-09 08:30:07

Published on 2009-10-09 08:30:07

A woman is asking the public to donate empty ink cartridges in order to raise money to save an injured horse.

Michele Daly, from Bonfield Illinois, wants to use the money raised by recycling the ink cartridges to help a thoroughbred racehorse with eye and foot injuries.

The seven year-old horse, named Starry Wings but nicknamed Star, requires extensive medical treatment for an eye infection and a clubbed foot. He is currently a resident at Rock Creek Stables in Manteno.

Ms Daly hopes to raise $2,000 (£1,244) from the initiative to fund Star's medical bills, having already spent over $200 (£124).

The ink cartridges, along with unwanted mobile phones, will be recycled by FundingFactory, who accept both inkjet and toner cartridges. Each year millions of printer cartridges are needlessly thrown away when they could be recycled.

This year, Tesco used printers to make a positive impact by opting for more environmentally-friendly ink to reduce the size of its carbon footprint.

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