Printbrush Device Could Become Popular In The Home

2009-10-13 08:51:31

Published on 2009-10-13 08:51:31

Posted by Jim Ottewill

A new printer from Printbrush may become popular in the home and in the office, a blogger has claimed.

'Printer Geek', writing for the, said that the new product could become popular if it lives up to the expectation within the industry.

The London-based manufacturer Print Dreams said that the printer is the smallest device capable of producing full-size formats, including letter sized or A4 documents.

Printer Geek said in the blog post: "Most likely to be useful for commercial uses such as printing UPC codes and other important information directly onto surfaces (that might otherwise require specialised printing or labels), the Printbrush could become quite popular in home offices as well."

According to the reviewer, the device allows copying to take place without needing any of the standard media.

The printer is thought to be small enough to fit inside a pocket while its silent printing function means it can be used during meetings.

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