HP Photosmart Can Be Used At Parties Reviewer Claims

2009-10-16 09:50:21

Published on 2009-10-16 09:50:21

Posted by Adam Clark

The new HP Photosmart printer is best used during parties due to its "diminutive size" and "breezy-easy controls", a reviewer has said.

Writing for the cultofmac.com, Eli Milchman, described the device as being so simple to use it is "practically idiot-proof".

A third of the printer is made from recycled parts and a number of editing and printing features are included while the device can print images at four by six and five by seven inches.

Mr Milchman stated that the device can print from bluetooth devices but not from iPhones as Apple did not include the printing protocol when developing the device.

He wrote: "The photos I printed, on HP's glossy Advanced Photo Paper, are bright with a bias toward the blue part of the spectrum. The only criticisms are that the prints lack sharp detail and are a little over-saturated."

"But these aren't professional-quality prints, and it shouldn’t be expected that they look like such."

The reviewer also praised the touchscreen controls and the "stylish tote".

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