Consumers Should Work Out Use Before Buying A New Printer

2009-10-20 10:25:39

Published on 2009-10-20 10:25:39

Posted by Adam Clark

Consumers looking to buy a new printer should work out how much use they will get out of a machine before making a purchase, a gadget guide has advised.

An article on how to buy the right printer, written by Dan Lang for, suggested that people should ask themselves a series of questions before buying.

Mr Lang advised that the cheaper the printer, the more likely it is to use a large amount of ink cartridges to complete jobs.

He advised users to calculate how many sheets a printer will produce during a month.

"Lots of brands these days say on the packaging just how many sheets they'd expect you to get out of them. Combine that with your printing frequency and you'll have some idea of how much you'd expect to pay in refills over each year," the reviewer explained.

Other tips to save money on a printer included using the right refills, the best paper for the job as well as deciding how long a device is going to be kept for.

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