Epson Printer Drivers V2 1 For Snow Leopard Users

2009-10-20 09:38:19

Published on 2009-10-20 09:38:19

Posted by Tom James

Apple Mac users looking to purchase printer ink for their Epson printer will be pleased to learn of the release of new drivers.

Mac customers using the Snow Leopard operating system, which was released in August, can now download Epson Printer Drivers v2.1.

This important update includes Epson's latest printer and scanning software for Snow Leopard users, with the drivers available to download from Apple's support website.

A range of printer driver packages were launched during the arrival of Snow Leopard, although these have had to be updated as support becomes available from the manufacturers.

Rather than new end-user features, Snow Leopard has focused on improving performance, efficiency and reducing the overall memory footprint compared to its Leopard predecessor.

The operating system is particularly popular among ink cartridge customers as its perfect for accommodating Adobe's Creative Suite, which allows users to edit their photos to their liking before printing.

Snow Leopard was generally well received by critics following its launch.

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