Printer Recycling Scheme Needs To Be Simple And Quick

2009-10-20 10:20:10

Published on 2009-10-20 10:20:10

Posted by Tom James

A new printer recycling initiative from Samsung needs to be "simple and quick" to appeal to consumers.

Tosh Prabhakar, Gartner's senior research analyst on print markets, made the comments to

Samsung's new scheme allows users to send the manufacturer old or obsolete printers in return for cash.

Consumers can send back any model in return for cash as long as they invest in a new Samsung printer.

However, Mr Prabhakar told the news provider that businesses and end-users have the responsibility for packaging and paying for the postage of the printers, which he claimed could put some off.

"Such schemes will only work if you shift the responsibility to the vendor or channel partner."

The amount of money paid in postage packaging depends on the size, weight and distance and method in which the device is delivered to the manufacturer's central offices.

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