HP Launches New Book Printing Service

2009-10-22 09:49:59

Published on 2009-10-22 09:49:59

HP has announced the launch of a new printing service which will make rare and hard-to-find books available.

According to the printer and ink cartridge manufacturer, HP BookPrep is part of a collaboration with the University of Michigan.

Content from an estimated 500,000 rare books has been scanned and stored in the cloud computing service.

Copy is cleaned up during the reproduction which enables HP to reduce the costs associated with reprinting while acting more sustainably.

Andrew Bolwell, director of new business initiatives at HP, said: "People around the world still value reading books in print."

"HP BookPrep technology allows publishers to extend the life cycle of their books, removes the cost and waste burdens of maintaining inventory, and uses a full spectrum of technologies to deliver convenient access to consumers."

Copies of the books are now available through the University of Michigan's library via HP and online retailers including Amazon.

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