Kodak MFP Device Oozes Design Appeal

2009-10-22 09:35:11

Published on 2009-10-22 09:35:11

The new Kodak ESP 7 looks smart and offers good quality prints, a review has claimed.

Kevin Cheng, writing for DigitalReviews.net, said that the machine works as a scanner and copies as well as printer, offers a USB port to provide both wired and wireless connections and can also support Bluetooth.

The best printed results came from using Kodak Premium paper which reproduced the image more faithfully and removed the high levels of graininess seen when other sorts of paper were used.

Mr Cheng said: "Despite some drawbacks, the Kodak ESP 7 All-in-One printer is quite impressive in feature and results. The multitude of connectivity options makes it easy to get a file printed and with the right quality paper great results can be achieved.

He added that ink and paper need to match to ensure the right result, but this is the same for any device.

The only "gripes" with the performance of the machine noted by the reviewer were related to noise and a paper jam which ruined the printer head.

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