Samsung ML-1915 Is Almost Smaller Than Sheets It Prints

2009-10-22 09:22:28

Published on 2009-10-22 09:22:28

Posted by Tom James

The new device from Samsung is almost smaller than the size of the A4 sheets it prints, a reviewer has claimed.

Simon Williams made the comments in a review of the manufacturer's mono-laser device on the Trusted Reviews website.

The reviewer singles out the machine's AnyWeb app as worthy of note as it allows a user to access an on-screen scrapbook.

Areas of the screen can be selected, then dragged and dropped into different locations before being saved as PDF file suitable for printing.

Mr Williams said: "This is a very tidy little mono laser printer, with a neat, compact design, easy maintenance, good speed and print quality and a handy little software extra in the form of the AnyWeb utility.

"There's no substantial criticism that can be levelled against it and as such it deserves a recommendation."

Samsung's machine also has a print screen button which can be used to print the whole screen or just the active window depending on how long it is pressed for.

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