Reality Of 3D Printing Getting Nearer

2009-10-23 18:59:24

Published on 2009-10-23 18:59:24

Posted by Tom James

Despite costing thousands of pounds, 3D printers are becoming increasingly accessible, according to one IT industry commentator.

Writing for The Independent, reporter Tim Walker said that Z Corporation’s latest release - the Z Printer 350 - is the most affordable model on the market at £16,000, is simple to use, and can produce objects up to ten inches in length at a rate of 0.8 inches per hour.

Robin Thomas, head of Inition's 3D printing operation Thinglab, told the news provider: "In five years' time, the dream of all the 3D printer manufacturers is to have one on every desktop in the world."

He added that the company has recently produced 3D images of comedian John Cleese and artist David Hockney in preparation for upcoming TV series.

Features of the Z Printer 350 include automatic material loading, snap-in binder cartridges, integrated recycling of unused build material and the ability to control work from either the desktop or the printer.

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