Sony Launches Photo Frame With Printer

2009-10-23 18:42:29

Published on 2009-10-23 18:42:29

Posted by Adam Clark

Sony has announced the launch of a digital photo frame which comes complete with a printer.

The Sony DPP-F700 allows people to edit images on the seven inch screen before printing with options including cropping and adding borders.

Other features of the device include templates to use images to create a calendar while a screen capture function lets users print whatever is on the screen.

The device is already available for IT lovers in Japan while it is expected to be launched in the US in January.

A journalist for Digital Picture Review said: "Whether or not users will commit to the $200 (£120) price tag and likely pricey ink refills remains to be seen.

"The printer/frame combination hasn't proven to be successful in the past, though Sony must expect there's a reasonable sized market opportunity out there."

File formats such as JPEG and BMP are compatible with the new device.

An AC adaptor and CD-ROM are also included with the machine.

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