Inbuilt Memory Most Exciting Part Of HP Designjet T1200 Printer

2009-10-27 08:58:00

Published on 2009-10-27 08:58:00

Posted by Adam Clark

HP's Designjet T1200 Printer has been praised in a new review for its "sleek" and "unobtrusive design" and "high-spec features".

According to Wallpaper magazine, the device cannot be rivalled for its professional printing capacity.

The printer is quick, yet does not sacrifice speed for quality as its economode can produce up to two A1 sheets per minute, the publication explained.

Other features which ensure the device stands out includes the six ink printing system, meaning the device can attain a 0.1 per cent line accuracy.

Two online rolls and the 200ml mate black ink cartridges mean that printing is also often uninterrupted.

A reviewer writing for the magazine said that its 32 GB of inbuilt memory is the printer's "most exciting feature".

"Whilst the techno-jargon may not get most creative hearts a-pumping, to us it means no more waiting by the printer whilst an over-eager intern prints off 900 copies of their CV – a benefit unmatched in its rewards", the magazine explained.

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