Samsungs ML 1915 Is A Great Budget Printer

2009-10-27 08:35:57

Published on 2009-10-27 08:35:57

Posted by Tom James

Samsung's new ML-1915 has been hailed as a great printer for people on a budget in a new review.

Writing for, Will Stapley said that the device, which is priced at less than £100, offers good value for money.

Although the device does not have any LCD monitor and only three buttons to control printing, it does offer "very impressive" print quality with text.

The printer struggles slightly with images as darker areas end up "looking jet black", the reviewer stated.

Mr Stapley wrote: "With its low price of just £99, it's no surprise that the ML-1915 forgoes extras that many corporate users will be looking for. There's no network connectivity (wired or wireless), and you don't get the luxury of a duplex unit.

"A manual duplex feature is included, but this involves the user physically turning the page over and then reinserting it to continue the printing, which is very time consuming."

Low running costs, fast print speeds and compact size were also singled out for praise.

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