Fujitsu Launches New Printer Mechanism

2009-10-29 13:09:41

Published on 2009-10-29 13:09:41

Fujitsu has launched a new thermal printer mechanism to be used to produce quick print offs on three-inch paper.

The FTP-63AMCL011/411 device is powered by a 24VDC and is capable of printing 250mm per second, EE Herald reported.

It is most suitable for use with banking devices, label printers, ticket machines and kiosk systems used in retail, convenience and hospitality environments.

FTP-63AMCL011/411 printer series is able to use thermal papers which are up to 85mm wide and 60-150 mms thick

Continuous operation of the machine is ensured by a drop-in paper loading facility and print head maintenance, which is facilitated by a release mechanism.

According to the news provider: "The printer's die-cast frame enhances durability and acts as a heat sink during continuous printing. It also reduces shock and vibration, provides mounting stability, ESD absorption and static electricity dissipation."

A guillotine is mounted to the front of the machine which enables full or partial cutting of what it prints.

The guillotine has a life-span of more than 1,000 cuts.

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