HP Renews Recycling Drive

2009-10-29 13:16:01

Published on 2009-10-29 13:16:01

Posted by Adam Clark

Hewlett Packard (HP) has taken further steps "to cut back consumption in all areas".

According to Printer Geek, a poster on the Printerinkcartridgesblog stated that HP began the trend for sourcing natural resources and adopting a more environmentally-friendly approach to business during the 1970s.

The original recycling campaign of the business aimed at tripling the amount of material it reused, which is a goal it has managed to achieve.

Printer Geek wrote: "The new cartridges which are produced out of these materials contain 75 per cent recycled material and can be reused up to seven times for full efficiency.

"As you can imagine, this will easily help with cutting back and moving the world toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle without cutting back on our normal day-to-day functions."

The recycling process involves shredding of the plastic of the cartridge and the ink sponge, which will later be sent to be refined in a recycling plant.

HP was recently named as one of the greenest companies in the US by Newsweek.

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