Xerox Releases Wide Format Printers

2009-10-30 10:06:02

Published on 2009-10-30 10:06:02

Ink cartridge manufacturer Xerox has announced the release of two new Wide-Format solutions.

The 6604 and 6605 are to include a "freeflow access print server" which would allow consumers to "preview scans and simultaneously print, copy and scan-to-file with select options".

According to Xerox, the new systems will integrate 600x600dpi copying, scanning and printing.

The new solutions will be capable of producing up to five D or A1 size images per minute, and will incorporate a colour scanner that allows for hard copies to be scanned to electronic files or to copy prints in varying sizes.

Both products will be available from November 2009, with an upgrade to a colour scanner for current Xerox 6204 solution customers also being launched.

Base units will start at the list price of $19,300 (£11,665).

This week marked the 71st anniversary of Xerox founder Chester Carlson creating the first ever xerographic image back in 1938.

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