Continuous Ink Systems Revolutionise Printing

2009-11-02 09:10:23

Published on 2009-11-02 09:10:23

Continuous ink supply systems (CISS) have been created for big printer brands such as HP, Epson and Brother.

The systems work by storing ink in large external reservoirs that continually feed the printer's cartridges with ink through silicon tubes.

CISS Solutions, the company behind the new cartridges, say that they are "a money-saving alternative for customers who do a large amount of printing".

No-sponge printer cartridges with auto reset chips are used within the systems.

Refillable 100ml tanks can be stocked straight from an ink bottle or syringe, making them a more home-user friendly alternative to DIY refill kits.

The company added: "The main advantages of continuous ink supply systems are that the cartridge is always full, delivering even colour every time that remains consistent regardless of the size of the print run."

It also added that the "bottles hold significantly more ink than cartridges, minimising maintenance".

Posted by Peter Cragg

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