HPs Designjet Printers Used By Portuguese Company

2009-11-02 08:54:25

Published on 2009-11-02 08:54:25

Portugese company B2R is using Hewlett Packard's (HP's) Designjet L65500 to print a number of indoor and outdoor 'eco' railway posters.

According to HP, the business used the graphics as signage, promotion, as station decoration and for customer information.

The company was contracted to produce 300 square metres worth of graphics, which include 210 different pieces of work for use across more than 50 railway stations.

Paulo Silva, marketing director at BR2, said: "Because the Designjet L65500 uses water based latex inks, we are able to provide graphics that are not only odourless and eco friendly, but of high print resolution suitable for both near and distant viewing.

"This was essential in successfully communicating important commuter information. What's more, as the prints are designed to be long lasting, they represented a great return-on-investment for the customer," he added.

HP's Designjet L65500 offers printing speeds of up 79 metres squared per hour and uses latex inks which, as they are fume free, require no ventilation.

Posted by Adam Clark.

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