Top Ten Tips For Buying A Printer

2009-11-02 09:37:25

Published on 2009-11-02 09:37:25

An online ink and printing store has published a ten questions customers should ask when buying a printer.

The list, compiled by, advises consumers to ask key questions related to their printer needs, including where they will need to use it, any multifunction tasks required and their overall budget.

It also recommends researching brands other than the more cemented ones, such as HP, Lexmark or Epson, and other possibilities.

Consumers have also been reminded to remember to look into models that are more "market tested" so as to be able to get a full idea of what a product is like through customer and industry reviews.

Laser printers are also highlighted as great tools for heavy printing, as they are "less expensive per page" and many brands will have good quality "remanufactured cartridges".

The site recommends that customers not only check what the industry experts and reviewers have to say, but to also ask close friends and family for their opinion should they be wavering over products.

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