RISO Donates Printer To The Museum Of Printing

2009-11-04 09:03:34

Published on 2009-11-04 09:03:34

Printing company RISO has donated a "see-through" high-speed inkjet printer to the Museum of Printing in Andover, Massachusetts.

The RISO HC5500, which is specially designed with "clear see-through front, rear and top panels", is to be used as an interactive display for visitors, as well as a working model for use by museum employees.

Frank Romano, the museum head and Professor Emeritus of the Rochester Institute of Technology where the museum is based, welcomed the donation.

He said: "We are so grateful to RISO for the donation of a state-of-the art HC5500 high-speed inkjet printer. RISO's generous gift will serve as a unique interactive exhibit for our visitors and a productive printer for our entire staff of volunteers."

HC5500 is considered one of the fastest cut-sheet inkjet printers available, printing at speeds of up to120 pages per minute.

The donation will be unveiled at the museum's 30th anniversary celebrations on November 13th.

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