Ohio Pen Show This Weekend

2009-11-06 11:20:57

Published on 2009-11-06 11:20:57

Seminars and workshops will be integrated into the annual event, including a talk on "Why some fountain pens can make anyone's writing look good".

It will also include tutorials on calligraphy and fountain pen repair and maintenance.

The event was started and run by local resident Terry Mawhorter who, along with his wife Sonya and two children, have turned the showcase into one of the country's largest pen shows.

Speaking to the Colombus Local News, Mr Mawhorter said that the show brings together both "local and global vendors with specially made fountain pens, ball-points, roller ball pens, pencils and more".

He added: "We have big companies that come, but we also have about a dozen vendors that make their own writing instruments - pens and pencils made of wood and plastic. It's just amazing what people can do."

An auction will also be held at the occasion, which will include several pen advertising podiums as well as old cardboard stands and posters advertising pens and ink.

Posted by Tom James.

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